IMC Supply Vending Case Study: Pemko Manufacturing Co

IMC Supply Vending Case Study

Company: Pemko Manufacturing Co
Industry: Door Hardware Manufacturer
Locations: Memphis, Tennessee & Ventura, California
Employees: 257

Business Need

Pemko was no stranger to industrial vending. In fact, they had a long-standing vending contract with a national brand for about four years. Throughout that time, the company struggled with the system’s difficult interface, less than transparent pricing and strict sourcing policy. The problems multiplied when Pemko’s maintenance manager and main point of contact for the vending program left the company. At that point, they were left to figure out complicated aspects of the system such as user permissions and restrictions in order to control the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other commonly used items at their facility.

Pemko’s new maintenance manager reached out to their distributor representative at I M C Supply for solutions to ease their frustrations.


I M C Supply, introduced vending solutions available through 1sourcevend in March of 2019. With the help of their distributor sales representative, Pemko began with three machines in their Memphis location. They chose coil machines to vend high-turn items such as office supplies, tooling, drill bits, and safety equipment like safety glasses, gloves, ergonomic wrist supports, and other everyday PPE items. They also selected a locker unit to vend larger and more bulky items such as denim aprons, safety vests, coveralls, chemical suits, large containers of lubricants, headphones, and protective ear coverings.



Pemko says one of the best aspects of working with IMC Supply for vending is its flexibility to source a wide array of products. Pemko appreciates the added flexibility as it helps them control inventory that would otherwise get lost. (Example: lubricants that would be stored in various places without inventory tracking, that wouldn’t be notified of shortages until completely out. This would have a negative impact on production.)

Easy to Use

1sourcevend’s user-friendly software has allowed Pemko to easily load their machines and update inventory in a pinch, giving them added control. This became vital during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as they have had to implement stricter visitor access to their facility. In addition, the machines have been so easy to use that employees have reacted favorably to them, too. “It’s very easy for employees to just get what they need and go about life,” said Pemko’s EHS Manager, Todd Long. “It’s a lot simpler.”

Cost Savings

Long said it was so easy to set up effective controls on the units and virtually impossible for employees to access restricted items, so there hasn’t been significant overuse of inventory. Since implementing 1sourcevend’s industrial vending machines in their facility, Pemko estimates year-over-year cost savings to be in excess of $50,000.

Better Inventory Control

Pemko appreciates the improved inventory control they were able to achieve through the vending machines and looks forward to utilizing the equipment further. “It’s a great way for us to control supply,” Long says. In particular, he values the ability to safely store and track PPE items, rather than leaving them on a shelf, not knowing what items you have on hand. 1sourcevend’s inventory control software allows Long real-time access to the current supply of these items in the machines from his computer or mobile phone. 


Long spoke highly of IMC Supply. “They lived up to everything they said in terms of their service level, sourcing potential, and service agreement,” Long said. “It’s incredible service.”

Long mentioned that the experience was much different from the one he had with the other provider. He added that the previous provider was hard to reach and it was difficult to obtain accurate information about the units and inventory. It was also cumbersome to make last-minute changes to the items in the machine.

“The experience was night and day compared to our prior vending provider,” said Long. “I M C  has been very accessible. I can call or text them with questions on the machines or products and he usually provides me with options within hours.”

Pemko plans to add 1sourcevend’s vending machines in the future, potentially at their Ventura location next.

IMC’s VMI program, incorporates powerful, user-friendly inventory control software, and is ideal for customers seeking a simple, flexible and affordable inventory management option for their plant. As Pemko demonstrates, industrial vending solutions solve many inventory issues for end-users across all industries.

Learn more and request information by calling or visiting I M C Supply Co. 3310 Commercial Parkway, Memphis (901)-345-6001, or email

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