Automated Vending Manager (AVM)

Combo Coil-Locker Unit

Are you tired of running out of supplies?

Would you like to dramatically reduce your transaction costs?

With our inventory control solutions:

  • Reduce consumption by 20%
  • Save valuable time with point-of-use dispensing
  • Streamline purchasing
  • Receive detailed reporting of usage and spending
  • Have 24/7 secure access without additional staff

With our integrated plug-and-play inventory control software and intuitive Touch screen interface you can set up 1sourcevend’s Combination coil-locker machines anywhere with a cell phone signal, Wi-Fi, or hardline internet connection. Our solution goes from out of the box to running in hours, not days.

“The ease of use of the machines is unmatched. It’s more user friendly than any machine I’ve ever utilized.”

Combine the reliability of helix coil units with the check-in, check-out options of locker vending to help customers save money.

Vend more items from one touchscreen interface. 1sourcevend inventory replenishment and control software is included in every unit.

Use to vend:

Safety/PPE supplies, first aid kits, power or hand tools, lubricants, sealants, flashlights, paint, cutting tools and accessories, fasteners, welding supplies, maintenance supplies, cutting tools, abrasives, adhesives, sealants, batteries, and more.


Design your own combination vending machine based on your product vending needs. Custom setups available for most applications to increase capacity with less overhead cost.


  • One high-resolution touchscreen
  • Easy-to-understand planogram with pictures and descriptions
  • Check-in, check-out capability of a locker machine alongside customizable helix coil options
  • Embedded 4G cellular, Wifi and hardwire connectivity included
  • LED lighting
  • Link multiple units (daisy-chain) to one master
  • Free training manual for machine setup and ongoing software support


  • 24/7 secure access to inventory at the point of use
  • Restrict use by item, employee, hour, day, week or month
  • Flexibility for product sizes and uses
  • Remote login capability for diagnostics
  • Reduce inventory consumption by 30%+
  • Streamlined purchasing
  • Decreased inventory shrinkage
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